smarthome av were looking for an alternative to other content management systems due to security concerns. They were also looking for a solution that was adaptable to suit their needs with no restrictions. At the same time, it needed to be fast, slick, and easy to use, regardless of the device used, or clients exposure to using the Internet.

Headers that inspire

More often than not headings are found on one liners. Bold to attract attention and that's it, no real design input goes into the choice other than, "make it bold, grab there attention".

This header is vastly different, a large thin font, with a nicely sized sub title, plenty of padding, and positioned to the right of the menu on each page. Beautiful, consistent, and very easy on the eye.

Chase the menu!

It was nice to use a vertical menu layout for smarthome-av. Hover states suggested by the placement of a single red strip give the user a clear indication as to what page they wish to visit when clicking. The subtle red strip is just another little reminder of this sites global styles. After all, image is everything!

Changing a clients perceptions

smarthome av were a little bit reluctant to changing from what they have known (Wordpress) to something completely new (MODX). However they trusted our recommendation based upon the following points :

  1. Bespoke work flow based upon smarthome av's needs, not those of the CMS.
  2. Custom manager layout (via MODX Form customisation and custom dashboards).
  3. No messy plug-ins that require updating every other day, and are made by un-endorsed developers.
  4. Ability to expand there processes or business sites with ease. (via MODX custom contexts).

After an initial training session, smarthome-av were able to amend there test content with real copy, with very little initial input from us, which in turn helped to bring forward the site launch time!

Perfectly structured content

At the core of this site, is beautifully formatted content. Simple text layouts, with careful consideration to padding, line height and image placement have resulted in a very clean reading experience. There are no frill or fancy jQuery animations, just subtle and timeless transitions, and smart typography choices.

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Chris Weaven.

"I'll certainly use GEL Studios again for future projects and have no issues referring work their way."

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