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The Culturevators partner with organisations to cultivate an emotional culture in the workplace that fosters growth and gives everyone the privilege of a positive workplace culture. This was a brand new venture and we had the pleasure of working with The Culturevators team from the very beginning.

Through our Branding Workshop and Messaging Workshop, we delved into the core of the business, really understanding the foundations and purpose, and the consistent take-away was that without people, there would be no culture. People are the key ingredient and our identities can be visualised by our unique fingerprints. We took this idea and combined it with the fun energy of the two founders, leading to a vibrant logo and brand design that looks incredibly engaging when applied to the brand collateral.

The visual identity was only part of the journey though. We also worked heavily on the brand messaging, focussing on the audience, archetypes, tone of voice and content framework - really understanding how we can connect the audience to the value proposition.

The Culturevators branded card deck
The Culturevators branded presentation slides
The Culturevators branded merchandise
The Culturevators brand and messaging guidelines

"GEL Studios are obsessed with client experience!"

The team at GEL Studios are a pleasure to work with! I've just completed their Brand & Messaging workshops for a new company I'm co-founder of and right from the start of the process they have been consistent in their client experience. They are obsessed by it! This translates through the insight, expertise and passion they brought to our workshops, which has delivered an output that will form the way we build and deliver on our own client experience.

They cared deeply about making a connection with me and my perspective on the business to really get under the skin of us as co-founders and what that means for the brand and messaging of our new company.

Thank you to everyone at GEL Studios for making us feel welcome, cared for and inspiring us to bring this company to life!

Sarah Dena
(Co-Founder of The Culturevators)

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