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WRc Group provide consultancy, technical services, research and more to customers in the water, waste and environment sectors around the world. They originally had four separate websites, which needed to be consolidated and migrated onto a brand new domain wrcgroup.com. We consulted and worked alongside them, to help with their digital transformation project, as well as ensure the new website design presented the merged content in a structure that was natural for users.

Responsive website design for WRc
Mobile website design for WRc

Four websites into one.

The consolidation exercise meant that a new and improved "Services" area was definitely needed, due to the list now being extensive. We needed to ensure users could quickly and easily find the service(s) they needed. However, it was also important for the site to include more around WRc's focus on the environment and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

In the planning phase of the project, our first exercise was to prioritise the messaging, followed by what we wanted the users to see and do - so we could determine the user journey and sitemap. From here we moved on to wireframes, so we could start to visualise the content hierarchy and interface - especially within the Services area.

For the design, we utilised the dark and light colour palette of the brand, to create areas of varying contrast around the site. In some areas, we also incorporated the curved shape from the WRc logo, along with subtle transitions, to help increase user engagement. The transitions give a little extra depth to each page, to help enhance the user experience.

We also consulted on the more technical side of the migration, carefully planning and completing a large redirect exercise, to ensure a successful migration of old domains to new.

Careers website area for WRc
Desktop website design for WRc
Website blog design for WRc

Content, content and more content!

The consolidation of four websites into one also meant there was a large task of creating new website content, and our marketing team worked very closely with WRc, consulting on this. Multiple engaging content sections were created as part of the new website and it was important to ensure the new content utilised these at each stage... we wanted to educate the user, whilst telling the right story to aid with the new user journey and messaging.

Website content consultancy for WRc


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