Social media management.

Managing multiple social media accounts is time consuming, isn't it?

Why not let us manage your social media accounts for you.

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We'll stay on top of your social media accounts - so you don't have to.

Get peace of mind knowing that your social media accounts are being professionally managed and your followers are regularly seeing optimised content.

Save your time and money.

Managing multiple social media accounts can go to the bottom of the todo list - especially when different tools and pieces of software can be involved. Let us take all this off your hands, freeing you up to spend more time on the things that matter for your business.

Rely on our experience.

We have years of experience managing social media accounts. We already know what works and what doesn't, saving you time from testing different strategies. We'll make sure your content gets the reach and engagement it deserves.

How does it work?

1. Auditing your accounts.

We’ll look at how your current social media accounts are performing and identify opportunities of how you could improve them. Whether that's optimising your actual profile, better defining your audience or looking at your data to see what type of content has worked best in the past.

2. Setting your objectives.

Once we’ve audited your accounts, we'll talk about the strategy, identifying what you’d like us to focus on each month. We’ll set your SMART objectives for the month of activity too.

3. Campaign creation and publishing.

Now that we've identified what you want to achieve and we have a plan of how we're going to do it, we'll write your copy and design your post graphics. Once that's done, we'll send you a schedule of posts based on your audience data for final approval. Once the posts have been signed off, we'll publish them at the best times for your audience.

4. Paid social media adverts strategy.

If you need to build a new audience fast, get more leads or simply want to increase the reach of some of your posts - we can add paid for adverts into your monthly marketing mix. Take a look at our social media adverts service for more information.

5. Community management.

We’ll monitor how your posts are landing with your audience, reply to the comments and Direct Messages and keep track of the sentiment so you'll know how customer perception of your brand has increased each month.

6. Reporting on your results.

At the end of each month, we’ll deep dive into your data. We'll send you a comprehensive report of how your content landed with your audience, plus we'll make recommendations for next month too.

Do you need support with your social media management?

Get in contact with us for a no obligation, free audit of your accounts.

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We can manage:

  • Facebook pages
  • Instagram profiles
  • Twitter accounts
  • LinkedIn profiles and pages

Our expert designers have years of experience creating pixel perfect graphics, our copywriters can craft the perfect messages for your brand and we have the latest tools and industry knowledge to make sure your content cuts through the noise.

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Only looking for social media graphics design?

Not a problem - we can help with that too. Head over to our graphic design page to find out more.

"Another digital marketing agency already manages my social media accounts."

No problem!

If you'd like, we can still help with your social media by offering you:

A free audit of your accounts.

We're more than happy to delve into your data and make recommendations on what you could improve.

An informal chat with us.

No pressure. If you'd like to just have a chat about potentially helping you in the future, our door is always open.

What we've worked on.

Treat your eyeballs.

We specialise in the beautiful. Each bespoke website design or graphic design is studiously crafted until it strikes the perfect balance of effortless style and seamless usability that we pride ourselves on. Want some proof? Take a look at some of our most recent work. Go on, your eyeballs will thank you for it.

"We would highly recommend GEL Studios."

GEL Studios designed and built the new website for our Pre-School. They took a lot of time beforehand to establish what we wanted from our website and to ensure that it would meet the needs of both us and new or existing families.
The website is amazing, a great balance of wonderful images and easy to find information that families need. It is now interactive, so parents can submit an application form online, or just contact us via the site.
We would highly recommend GEL Studios, everyone is approachable, helpful and thorough. We couldn't be happier with the service we received and the website we now have!

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