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A support request can be defined as, but is not limited to:

  1. An issue/request requiring technical assistant to resolve/accomplish,
  2. An amendment/change to content (that's editable by yourself via your content management system) for a service that has been designed/built/hosted/provided by GEL Studios,
  3. A request for knowledge that has been previously provided by GEL Studios or is additional to the provided services to date.

For in-depth terminology, and for real examples, please see our section below titled Explanation of terms.

You can raise a support request by emailing You are welcome to call us, however in all instances we require the issue to be logged in our help desk. Please ensure you include a clear subject line, message, and any additional information (screenshots, URL's etc.), so that we can assist as efficiently and quickly as possible.

A support request is not:

  1. To raise new pieces of work or functionality,
  2. To request amendments of existing functionality to provide a different outcome (i.e. changing an export of data).

For new work requests, please email or call us on 01793 677150.

Our support service is split into three different offerings, based upon your specific business needs.

- Retainer

Response available from 15 minutes (24-7, 365), aim to resolve inside of 1 hour.

Contract based support agreements between GEL Studios and your business, with service level agreements tailored to your specific business needs. If you are interested in an ongoing support agreement, please contact us.

- Pre-purchase support hours

Response within 2 business hours, aim to resolve inside of 1 business day.

All hours are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Every issue you log with us will be recorded, so that we can be fully transparent about what your hours have been spent on should you have any queries.

If you pre-purchase support hours (minimum 2 hours), you will benefit from a discounted hourly rate. These are tiered into:

  • 2 - 4 Hours, £60 per hour +VAT,
  • 5 - 8 Hours, £55 per hour +VAT,
  • 9+ Hours, £50 +VAT.

To purchase support hours, please click here, and clearly state your website URL, and how many hours you wish to purchase.

Your support hours will be in effect the moment we receive your email request.

- Ad-Hoc Support

Response from 1 business day, aim to resolve ASAP.

If neither of our other options are a viable solution for your support requirements, we will invoice you at the beginning of each calendar month, with every support issue raised with our support desk from the previous calendar month, broken down into a minimum of 15 minute intervals, billed at our base support rate of £65 per hour +VAT.

You will be billed automatically when your support request has been completed, and a comment of time spent, will be included in your closed ticket.

Details of costs incurred will be available at the next billing interval with a full breakdown, or upon request. Pieces of work that are deemed as exceptions (detailed below) will still be included, however shown at a zero rate of billing.


There are exceptions to paid support these will be assessed individually and may/may not be deemed billable at our discretion. Exceptions are:

  • An issue that has arisen which is undoubtably our responsibility,
  • Your complimentary support period typically linked to the launch of a new website project.

Explanation of terms

Support Hours

Hours reserved for support, not for any other activities.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm excluding bank holidays.


Time spent listening, reading, liaising, communicating, consulting, debating, training or aiding an issue which is considered a malfunction of existing functionality or adjustments of related media, data or content.

Examples include:

  • Helping a customer to upload an image,
  • Fixing an auto-response email which appears to be not working,
  • Resetting a forgotten password,
  • Researching data on a customer account,
  • Investigating why your site seems slow,
  • Finding out why a payment didn’t go through,
  • Talking at length about a problem with the website which turns out to be a fault with your local network,
  • Chasing you for a payment service provider password.


Work required to ensure that your current services continue to operate at a usable level; this may include work to increase system scope for greater amounts of content or traffic.

Examples include:

  • Checking and maintaining disk usage,
  • Migrating to a new server,
  • Updating ModX for a security patch


Work required to keep your current services running on the latest long-term stable releases of the platforms used by your system. This may include security updates, patches and new functionality for current accepted standards of telecommunication and / or protocols, either for technological requirements or services from third parties which integrate with your project's functionality from a service level or compliance standpoint.

Examples include:

  • Upgrading server infrastructure because your solution requires it,
  • Upgrading ModX for a feature release

New Work

New work is discussing, planning or building functionality which doesn’t currently exist, or was not previously agreed to be delivered.

Examples include:

  • Adding an SSL certificate,
  • Scoping a new section of your website, with new functionality.

Sustainably supporting you and your business.

  • Website design
  • Development
  • E-commerce
  • CMS systems
  • MODX consultancy
  • Hosting solutions
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