Website support and maintenance.

Whatever your website is built in - we can develop, and support it.

We can give you the dependency that your business needs when it comes to support and ongoing maintenance of your website.

Desktop and laptop websites

Supporting your website, maintaining your goals.

Need help with your website - from the occasional fix when the brown stuff hits the fan, right through to ongoing development to assist with the goals and growth of your business? Then we're ready to jump into your corner, and start getting stuff done - pronto.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge that we just can't wait to bring to you and your business - and it's come from years of hands on experience helping businesses large and small across a wide variety of difference business sectors.

The result? Work gets done, problems get fixed, and goals get reached - on time, on budget, and to the very best that it can possibly be, each and every time.

So whatever your support or maintenance needs - GEL Studios has you covered.

Notepad on desk

We can help, even if we didn't make it.

Whatever your website solution is made in, whomever has created or supported it to date, and whatever current state it is in - we are here to help.

We understand that changing providers can be awkward sometimes - so we've made it our mission to assist with making the switch as easy as possible. We can do this by:

  • Communicating with your old supplier on your behalf,
  • Migrating your website and services to us, free of charge,
  • Conducting site audits prior to any work being conducted,

Have a special requirement? Or something thats different from the norm? Just pick up the phone and give us a call. We understand it's easier to just talk things through sometimes!

Ah, you're an agency, that's surely going to cost lots of money isn't it? Wrong!

At GEL Studios, we're committed to breaking the mould and changing perceptions that working with an agency costs lots of money to your business.

We operate at an honest and fair hourly rate. We and all of our many happy customers - strongly believe that what you get for that is excellent value for money.

When it comes to how we do work, and what you ultimately pay us for - we not only bring to the table our experience, but we also bring our tried and tested business processes, which ensures a smooth delivery of work, through great communication on all fronts, for all work regardless of its size or scope.

Think of it this way - would you rather pay a freelancer with less experience a cheaper rate, for work which takes 3 hours or an established, and skilled agency the same amount for just 1?

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Perfectly suited - to you.

We're an award winning full service creative agency, and because of that, we can offer a whole range of services. We're the perfect choice to partner with, as we can assist with anything creative, from inception to delivery - we've got you covered!

We offer a wide range of solutions to suit not only your individual circumstances, but longer term goals too:

  • Simple hourly billing - perfect for those little one off jobs,
  • Fixed, scoped project work - typically for larger pieces of work, we'll help create a scope, and provide a simple fixed cost quote,
  • Monthly resource - long term plans? Need someone to partner with to reach those goals? Then this is for you. We carve out fixed resource per month to help you reach your goals.

So, why GEL Studios for support and maintenance?

Three key reasons as to how we can help best support, and maintain your existing website solution.

Dependable and professional.

We're an established business, with real processes and SLA's. We care for your website like it's our own.

Level up your support.

With a wide breadth of real working experience and knowledge. What wonderful things can we achieve together?

As flexible as you need.

Ad-hoc hourly billing, or agreed monthly resource, all 100% transparent, so you know exactly where you are.

"We would highly recommend GEL Studios."

GEL Studios designed and built the new website for our Pre-School. They took a lot of time beforehand to establish what we wanted from our website and to ensure that it would meet the needs of both us and new or existing families.
The website is amazing, a great balance of wonderful images and easy to find information that families need. It is now interactive, so parents can submit an application form online, or just contact us via the site.
We would highly recommend GEL Studios, everyone is approachable, helpful and thorough. We couldn't be happier with the service we received and the website we now have!

St Martin's Pre-School

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