Over the past decade, we’ve delivered countless workshops that have fundamentally transformed businesses' perceptions and assisted with their growth.

Our mission is to deliver continued success to passionate and aspiring organisations. We do this by spending time really getting to know their business and their long-term goals and these workshops do just that.

Pillars Branding Workshop

Pillars Branding Workshop.

Bring together the key decision-makers to align your brand position, purpose, principles, perception and values. As well as looking at your brand identity, this day-long workshop will re-energise your team and ensure everyone is working towards the same goal which in turn benefits your customers.

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Brand Messaging Workshop

Brand Messaging Workshop.

Solidify how your business communicates with customers and stakeholders. This workshop will help you deliver your brand story and speed up content creation. We'll create a messaging framework that covers everything from customer desires to individual words and phrases to be used in all communications.

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Essential Social Media Workshop

Essential Social Media Workshop.

This workshop is full of practical tips on how to use each social platform and the best ways to optimise your content so it engages with your audience.

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"GEL Studios have been superb supporting us on our journey."

Our objective over the past year has been to modernise the SKU Logistics branding and create a new website accordingly, whilst taking all our team with us. Another key objective linked to this has been promoting our brand in the fulfilment market space to win new business. GEL Studios have been superb supporting us on this journey, from the initial workshop’s where we defined ‘Who we were and what we do’, right through to delivering our branding, new website, content consultancy and social media management.

All of the above has been created in a very joined up way, thanks to the process GEL have adopted. They are fun and easy to work with and I look forward to working with then on an ongoing basis as we continue to glean from all their expertise in this space.

Rick Jones
(SKU Logistics)

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