Pillars Branding Workshop.

Each bespoke brand identity that we create is meticulously crafted around your business and your goals. 

Refresh your brand so it reflects who you really are.

Join us for a Pillars Branding Workshop. 

Your branding is more than just a logo and colour palette - it's how your customers perceive you and distinguish you from the competition. 

If your current branding is out of date and doesn't reflect your business, or if you're not aligned internally with who you are and what you do - that uncertainty and inconsistency is going to be shown to your customers too. Let's do something about that, shall we.

Our Pillars Branding Workshop will:

  • Identify the core pillars of your brand: the who, why, what and how
  • Energise and align your team, ensuring everyone is working towards achieving the same thing
  • Explore visual aspects of a brand refresh (e.g. a logo)
Brand messaging workshop space at GEL Studios

How does it work?

Our Pillars Branding Workshop is a 1-day workshop, held here at GEL Studios in our dedicated workshop space (and yes, there are bean bags!) Lunch, refreshments (and premium coffee!) are also included.

Our branding experts will lead you through a tried and tested, immersive format to get the most from your team. We'll be asking some tough questions to get a much deeper understanding of who you really are. We'll also explore building a brand identity with bold visuals and the best typefaces to create visually striking branding that sets that perfect first impression.

And you'll leave with a brand identity that truly reflects you.

We will give you a detailed set of brand guidelines to follow, detailing everything we covered in the workshop - from your brand position and purpose to logo usage and colour palettes. Your brand guidelines should be seen as a constant source of reference to anyone dealing with marketing activities and will bring consistency across the board with all aspects of your identity - whether you're writing website copy, social media posts or press releases.

We'll also create a new logo that demands attention, supplied to you in a range of formats.

What does the Pillars Brand Workshop cover?

Here is some of what we'll be exploring on the day...



We start with the "who" - who is your business at its very core? This will help guide decision-making and affect your customer's perception.


Why does your brand exist? We explore the impact you have on your customers, so we can form a more human and emotional connection with your audience.


What does your business stand for and what's at the heart of everything you do? Defining your principles will guide 'how' you go about achieving your goals. 


Perception is everything. We look at how your business should come across to new and existing customers and what should spring to their minds as soon as they think of you.

Create a brand that truly reflects your business, with our Pillars Branding Workshop.

We'll align and re-energise your team, creating a brand identity that sets you apart from the competition and draws in your ideal customer.

Our Pillars Branding Workshop starts at £2,500 +VAT.

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We're with you the whole way.

Long-term partnerships that grow successful brands.

The Pillars are a crucial part of your brand strategy - but it's not the only part. GEL Studios will work with you across the board, from initial strategy to activation, to make your brand a success.

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"GEL Studios have been superb supporting us on our journey."

Our objective over the past year has been to modernise the SKU Logistics branding and create a new website accordingly, whilst taking all our team with us. Another key objective linked to this has been promoting our brand in the fulfilment market space to win new business. GEL Studios have been superb supporting us on this journey, from the initial workshop’s where we defined ‘Who we were and what we do’, right through to delivering our branding, new website, content consultancy and social media management.

All of the above has been created in a very joined up way, thanks to the process GEL have adopted. They are fun and easy to work with and I look forward to working with then on an ongoing basis as we continue to glean from all their expertise in this space.

Rick Jones
(SKU Logistics)

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