MODX Meetup London 25th Feb 2015


A massive thank you to everyone that came to last nights MODX Meetup at Google Campus London. A great turnout with some great talks!

GP from Sterc spoke about a powerful new MODX remote management tool called MODX Control. Expected for beta release in Q2 2015, it will allow people/agencies with multiple installations of MODX to manage admin user accounts, upgrade the core, and check for out of date packages, all with a nicely styled dashboard for ease of use and a quick glance at how everything is doing. Personally, we can't wait for this - Sterc, sign us up to the testing program! Some screen shots of how is looks currently, can be seen here!

Mark from ModMore spoke about gitify - we first heard about this at the Modmore weekend last year, and we have been using is a little since, however the focus on his talk was how you can integrate gifity into your current workflow. This was demonstrated with an in depth presentation which is available for all to view here.

Finally, Mark from Adido/ demoed not only preview (version control for MODX resources) but also there up and coming extra workflow, which allows for a customisable resource edit and approval process, with an impressive interface to make it work just how you want! (Sorry for the poor photo Mark!)

Thanks again for everyone that attended.